7 MAY 1927, Page 16


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] a recent issue of the Spectator I noticed a reference tifj.St. Mary's Parish Church, Finchley, which it is proposed to enlarge, as I understand, by adding transepts. I am not .a resident in the parish, but as in the case of the City Churches which it is proposed to pull down, I regard the matter as one for Londoners generally, for lovers of beautiful buildings, for archaeologists. How few old churches we have left in London ; in the City a score or two of Wren churches, and a few older churches.

Yet here is a gem of antiquity within the reach of Londoners which it is 'proposed to deface by the addition of transepts out of keeping with a building which still retains the simple character of a fifteenth-century village church.

The Rector and the parishioners can do as they please yet public opinion educated by our leading architects and archaeologists has saved our City churches. And here is a fresh instance where they may be able to stay the devastating hand of the utilitarian. Surely if additional accommodation is needed one of the other modern churches in the parish might be enlarged or another church built. — I am, Sir, &e., ARNOLD F. GRAVES.

Sunny Cottage, Wheathanipstead, Herts.