7 MAY 1927, Page 18


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Sin,—The attention of the Council of the Society has been called to the hunting of a hind on March 28th last. After being hunted for several hours, the hind ran into a wire fence, then collapsed into a small stream about two feet deep and was drowned as she was in such an exhausted condition that she was unable to rise. The hind was then and there disembowelled, when it was found that she was with young.

The Council of the Society desires to urge on Masters of Staghounds the desirability of not hunting any hinds after the end of February, so that painful incidents of this kind may be averted. The rutting season is early in October, and as the period of gestation in the case of the deer is eight months and a few days, the Council suggests that the end of February is the latest date on which hinds should be hunted.

—I am, Sir, &c., E. G. FAIRHOLME,

Chief Secretary.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 105 Jermyn Street, London, S.W. 1.