7 MAY 1927, Page 19

It is a remarkable fact that the Albanians who under

the Turks showed a passionate attachment to their own country, now that their country has been freed, are flocking to America as fast as they can—so say Jan and Cora Gordon in Two Vagabonds in Albania (The Bodley Head. 12s. 6d.). The Albanians all told the Cordons that their country wrA a despic- able, miserable land, but the Cordons didn't agree, in spite of a bout of fever and various discomforts which amuse the reader and apparently the authors. To-day, the future of Albania is bound up with many problems, such as oil-- and Italy. The Cordons are neither politicians nor pro- pagandists, but something far better and rarer—trustworthy and charming guides, who contrive to give us a real sense of Albania as it is to-day and a just estimate of the people and scenes they visit. The travel stories of these gifted dilettantes are in a class by themselves : this one, like all the series, is charmingly illustrated and written with a verve and careless grace that carry the reader along enchanted.