7 MAY 1927, Page 19

This Week's Books SIGNOR CORRADO Ricci's Umbria Santa (Faber and

Gywer, 12s. 6d.) is frankly a disappointing book. The second para- graph gives hope of much of interest to follow :-

" The whole of Italy joined in this great work of civilisation, but it is interesting to see how such reform developed its tendencies and maintained its characteristics, as though to assume its special mission in the complex design of elevating humanity. Italy south of the Liri and the Tronto contributes to this solemn conclave the spirit of speculative thought, Latium juridical sense and justice ; Tuscany, fervent love of art ; the Marches, equable temperament ; Emilia, the joy of poetical expression ; Lombardy, laborious austerity ; Liguria, commercial boldness ; Piedmont, political and military discipline."

This is well said, but to the present writer at any rate (who yields to none in love for the holy province of Italy) neither the landscape of Assisi nor the art of Pintoricchio are elucidated or made more precious by this volume.