7 MAY 1927, Page 29

. THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION : 1917-1926. By Lan- celot Lawton.

Illustrated. (Macmillan. 21s.)-This is by far the most balanced book on the subject of the Russian Revolution that has yet appeared in English. It examines the Bolshevik regime from every point of view, soberly, dis- passionately, even at times with sympathy, insisting always that to understand the Revolution and its present develop- ment you must also understand Russian psychology. Horrors there are in plenty, but Bolshevik Russia is not all horroi, though because it is a police-State, it has also become to some extent a slave-State. Most illuminating is Mr. Lawton'er analysis of Russian Communism and the Bolshevik attempt to rivet it on the people : " The truth is that the Bolsheviks are quarrelling not so much with themselves as with life itself. The vast majority of the people reject Communism-. and that is the whole essence of the matter:" May the wish be expressed that Mr. Lawton issue an abridged edition of his particularly able book at a price which will bring it within the reach of a larger circle of readers ?