7 MAY 1927, Page 29

A Library List

HISTORY AND TRAVEL :-History of the 60th Division, 1914- 1918. By Col. P. II. Dalbiac. (Allen and Unwin. 21s.) Masters of War. By Neville D'Esterre. (Allen and Unwin. 8s. 6d.) India's Past. By A. A. Macdonell.

(Oxford University Press. 10s.)-British Foreign Secretaries, 1807-1916. By Algernon Cecil. (Bell. 15s.) The Seven Ages of Venice. By C. Marshall Smith. (Blackie. 10s. 6d.)-More Rambles in Central Europe. By Frank C. Rimington. (Methuen. 15s.)---A Novelist's Tour of the World. By Vicente Blasco Ibanez. (Thornton Butterworth. 21.) MISCELLANEOUS :-The Polar Regions. By H. N. Rudmose Brown. (Methuen. 12s. 6d.)---Stentor or the Press of To-Day and To-Morrow. By David Ockham. (Kegan Paul. 2s. 6d.)- The Conditions of Industrial Peace. By J. A. Hobson. (Allen and Unwin. 4s. 6d.)--00 Imperialism. By L. Fischer. (Allen and Unwin. 7s. 6d.) -The Natural History of Ice and Snow. By A. E. H. Tutton. (Kegan Paul. 21s.) Inasmuch : The Story of the Police Court Mission. By J. Haslock Potter. • (Williams and Norgate. 5s.)The History of Contempt of Court. By Sir John C. Fox. (Oxford University Press. 16s.) London Essays in Economics in Ilonotir of Edwin Cannan. Edited by Prof. T. E. Gregory and Dr. Hugh Dalton. (Routledge. 10s. 6d.) Modern Bee-Keeping. By H. Mace. (Modern Bee-Keeping, Harlow, Essex. is.) Trial of Madeleine Smith.

Edited by F. Tennyson Jesse. New Edition. (W. Hodge.

10s. 6d.) Puddings, Meals on a Tray, Cold Savoury Meals. By Mrs. C. F. Leyel. (Routledge. Is. (id. each.) , LITERARY :--Euripides the Idealist. By R. B. Appleton. , (Dent. 6s.)-The Book of Porcelain. By Adalbert Zoellner. Translated by M. Mackenzie Morrow. (Methuen. Os.)-Lamuriac. By the Countess of Cromer. (Methuen. 7s. 6d.) Francis Thompson. By R. L. Megroz. (Faber and .Gwyer. 12s. 6d.) Noviais :-The Wall of Glass. By Amabel Williams-Ellis. (Cape. - 7s. 6d.)--Sister Came. By Theodore Dreisleis (Constable: 7s. 6d.)