7 MAY 1927, Page 29


Wheeler-Bennett and F. E. Langer- lann. (London : Allen and Unwin. 10s. net.)-We can commend this book to those who study international Titles. It contains as appendices the texts of a number f recent treaties and pacts, chosen either for their importance r as specimens of alliances, pacts of neutrality or of uarantee, &c. The original work of the authors is mainly a cord of facts concerning all the various agreements intended emmote security, and we find it a fair statement. They low themselves a little more freedom when they deal with .stern Europe and Asia, so that we find a hint, for instance,

the danger, not only of the overlapping, but of the definite. asking of security pacts in Eastern Europe-the alliances tween Poland and Rumania, and of France with both entries, coming into collision with the non-aggression pacts ow being negotiated by the U.S.S.R. and the Border States." id the comment is pertinent that the interaction of all the greements for security are producing " an almost mechanical rrangement for peace " : this leaves us wondering whether es of sentiment or interest are more easily broken than mechanical " ties. The story goes down nearly to the end 1926 and does not, therefore, tell of the latest activities I Moscow in Latvia and Poland, which are consistent with (frets recorded here. The Treaty series published by the ague of Nations is, of course, the author's chief authority, ut in their narrative they have made good use of the Survey InternatiOnal Affairs over the period so far dealt with the survey.