7 MAY 1927, Page 3

* The introduction of the totalisator to simplify the collection

of the Betting Tax seems to have been brought nearer by the action of the Jockey Club. Last week the committee which had been appointed to inquire into the Operation of the tax presented its Report, and was then requested to inquire further without delay into the best means of making betting contribute to the main- tenance of. horse-racing. As the totalisator system could, • and certainly would, be made to contribute to the sport, and the bookmakers contribute nothing, it is obvious that the totalisator has come into the region of practical Polities. The working of the totalisator has been explained to several members of the House of Commons. Mr. Churchill, when asked in the House for his opinion, said that he was following the movement in favour of the totalisator with much interest, but that he was unable. to make any statement at present.