7 MAY 1927, Page 3

Although the Mississippi valley is always subject to flooding, nothing

-like the present floods has ever been seen. Mr. Hoover, who is in charge of the relief opera- tions, has reported that 0,000,000 acres have been flooded, involving a population of 300,000 persons. The slow but relentless forward movement of the crest of the flood water must be an amazing spectacle. It has predestination in its stride." Nothing can be done but, by building up portions of the levees and breaking clown other portions, to try to steer the tawny water into areas where it will do the least harm. The city of New Orleans has been waiting breathless day by day for its fate to arrive, or to be mercifully averted. The level of the city is far below that of the banks of the Mississippi, and at one time it seemed that nothing could prevent the river from spilling over. Effective blasting operations at Poydras, a little way below New Orleans, however, has relieved some of the pressure. Ten thousand farmers and trappers who were made homeless by this calculated flooding are being cared for at New Orleans, and will be compensated. Much farther up the Mississippi valley the havoc is far worse. The Red Cross organiza- tions have worked superhumanly, and the health of the people in the water-logged lands seems to have been reasonably preserved. * .* •