7 NOVEMBER 1958, Page 14

An English Coxswain

Does your wife see red?

Every Ego or Id. must influence, to a greater or lesser degree, the behaviour pattern of mankind. So your book-habits, which you no doubt fondly believe are your own business, are not a purely domestic matter. If you throw your books around like confetti .at a wedding, or if your wife has

c frequent crying fits after dusting your collected works, it's timayou faced the truth—that. your book-hahits may well start a revolution and bring 1984 and Newspeak closer than is comfortable.

Fortunately, there is always a solution. Minty have specialised for years in making bookcases that house your books behind glass and keep them dust-free. They give your books an elegant, well-tailored home, and leave you more room to walk around in. They allow you to go on reading and buying—for Minty bookcases are sectional and may be started for as little as 29.2.0—on deferred terms if you prefer.

Only at Minty showrooms can you see and buy Minty bookcases (and furni- ture); only by this direct selling from Minty to you can Minty offer you such line furniture at such moderate prices. There are seven Minty showrooms each within reasonably easy reach of most people, but if for any reason you can't cull, Minty will be glad to send you a catalogue and particulars of pus t- ordering. Write to Dept. 8.3, Minty Ltd., 44-45 High Street, Oxford.


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