7 NOVEMBER 1958, Page 7

LORD Armee is a remarkably prolific journalist. As well as

a contribution to the Fabian Journal and his admirable examination of the life and character of Lord Montgomery in the Observer last 'Sunday. the current number of the National and English Review has an agreeable essay by him on King George VI. He says of the King that 'his judgment was excellent and I cannot recall his putting a foot wrong.' But apart from his praise of George VI, the piece is written in Lord Attlee's usual laconic style and contains such typically effective Attleeisms as 'Admitting that hereditary right is illogical and, if you will, an out-of-date anomaly in a modern State, nevertheless its justification is that it works well in practice. The only valid objection is that it promotes snobbery, but this is a general human failing and I have yet to learn that it does not exist in republics.' PHAROS