7 OCTOBER 1837, Page 10

Drury Lane opens to-night. Mr. BUNN, too, must needs put

forth an address,—a clever one in its way, in which he naïvely observes, that it would be " useless and unbecoming " in him to boast or make new professions ; therefore, " instead of announcing any outrageous exag- geration," lie simply states that he has " upheld the legitimate drama in a far more effective way than it can now be represented," and that be is determined " to sustain the character Drury Lane has long enjoyed of being the first theatre of the empire." Modest Manager ! It is gratifying to us to find Mr. BUNN now attributing the distressed state of theGreat Theatres, to the large salaries paid to " certain professors," as he delicately phrases it, at the expense of the whole community of actors. As it was himself who carried this custom to the highest pitch of absurdity and injustice, this confession of its ruinous impolicy is highly edifying. The poor actors, too, who were last season mulcted of their narrow weekly incomes in order that TAGLIONI, Senna:twit, and Paszo. might be paid enormous sums nightly, will be consoled for their past privations, by the prospect of receiving full pay in future.