7 OCTOBER 1837, Page 10

We have but little to say of the Minors; having

already noticed the Adelphi and Rory 0'21fore. We have but little to say of the Minors; having already noticed the Adelphi and Rory 0'21fore. At the Olympic, LISTON is much more missed than REEVE is at the Adelphi. It seems rather doubtful when "glorious John " will be able to set the house in a roar again : but meanwhile, PowEa keeps up the merriment, arid WiutiNsos's humour is richer than ever. FaartEN's element is genteel comedy : he is too arid and angular for farce. He excites antipathies, not sympathies : be is only at home in selfish or uncomfortable characters. The want of cordiality and diffusiveness in his style is very much felt in the snug drawing-room stage of the Olympic. In the Country Squire, his munificence seemed an imperti. nent ostentation of wealth, and exercise of power, rather than the expanding of a generous nature anxious to make everybody happy around him. The piece is mawkish to a sickening excess, 'tis true ; but as Mr. Oddbody, giving Advice Gratis, FARREN made us feel the want of LISTON'S unctuous humour. We won't quarrel with " the goods the gods provide" us, however: LISTON is gone, we have got FARREN instead; so let us enjoy his talent,—as we shall when be appears in some piece of a better sort than either of these. KEELEY too is re- stored to us again, and his clever little wife into the bargain ; but we had only a slight taste of their quality in The New Servant. The masculine, hoyden character of Fanny Markham, in the Country Squire, does not become VESTRIS. CHARLES MATHEWS'S fidgetty restless. ness still spoils his personation of the gentleman : a modern dandy, wanting the leading characteristic of these stoical fops, repose, is in- sufferable. CHARLES MaTnEws's forte is mimicry : he copies an in. dividual to the life, but he cannot embody an abstract specimen of a class. Mrs. ORGER was the only one who seemed at home in the new pieces.

Neither has the St. James's made an auspicious commencement. Baanast keeps in the background, and puts forward Miss RAIN- roan' ; who is only supported by Miss JULIA SMITH and Messrs. BraNs.yr and A. OlUBILEI. The operatic burletta entitled The Cor- net, produced on Wednesday, is another version of the old stage inci- dent of a lady and her waiting-maid disguised as officers; and the music is so martial in style, that one might suppose it to be the compo- sition of a band-master—only that he does not seem to possess a mas. toy over the instruments.

In the comic department, HARLEY alone is a host : and his acting prevents the The Assignation from being a dull affair altogether ; while Mrs. STIRLING, with her sunny smiles and sweet voice, is the life and soul of the merriment. Mr. WRIGHT is a smart mechanical actor of impudent valets, but hard and humourless.