7 SEPTEMBER 1907, Page 17



(To " Anodos." August 251h, 1907.)

"THERE is music to-night in Joyous Gard, In the King's Hall by the sea."

"Let them sing an' they will, who have the skill ; The sea's the song for me," She said, "I only hear the sea."

"They are dancing to-night in Joyous Gard, In the Castle beside the wave."

"Let them dance away, whose hearts are gay, But bow shall I dance on a grave ? "

She said, "I cannot dance on a grave."

"There'll be noon all night in Joyous Gard, Till the morrow's sun shall rise."

"The East may be red, ere the lamps are dead; Death's darkness never dies,"

"And Death never dies." She said,

"The guests are thronging to Joyous Gard, Like flecks of the wind-swept foam."

"What matter the tread of a world ? " she said, v One footstep comes not home," She said, "And one will never come." ION.