7 SEPTEMBER 1907, Page 1

The German Emperor, who has been paying a visit to

Westphalia, made a remarkable speech at Munster last Satur- day night. After paying a tribute to the province of Westphalia as a model of harmonious co-operation, the Emperor made an impassioned appeal to the German nation to sink all differences of class and creed and work together in tolerance and unity. Religion, not in the narrow ecclesi- astical sense, but as a practical element in everyday life, was the only means by which a union of all classes could be effected. This be had proved from his own experience. People had often wounded him, unwittingly and wittingly, and the only way in which he found he could effectually combat a desire to retaliate was by reflecting that all human beings had an immortal soul through which they partook of the divinity of their Creator. " Those who think like that will always be able to judge leniently of their fellow-men." Such toleration was the first condition of unity, and to attain that the German nation must look up to the Redeemer and build firmly on His words. "Then our German nation will become the block of granite upon which the Lord our God can build up and complete His work of civilising the world. Then, too, will be fulfilled the words of the poet who said, • The German spirit will one day prove the world's salvation." The Emperor ended by expressing • the hope that he might succeed in maintaining peace, and as he has said so four times in the course of the week, this ingemination has not escaped comment.