7 SEPTEMBER 1951, Page 13


Set by Lewis Petrie

Science, as Mr. Aldous Huxley once observed, has been strangely backward in inventing the devices which the ordinary person really wants in this modern age. Where is " Frigibrat," the deep-freeze in which, without bothering about baby-watchers, parents may harmlessly pigeon-hole the most unbiddable child for anything from an hour to a long week-end ? Where that invaluable electronic brain for the literary man, the "Citerite" or reference-verifier ? A prize of f5, which may be divided, is offered for the name and description of two such long-felt-want-fillers. (Total length 200 words.)

Entries must be addressed to the Spectator, 99 Gower Street, London, W.C.1, in envelopes marked " Competition," and must be received not later than September 19th. Results will be publislied in the Spectator of September 28th.