7 SEPTEMBER 1951, Page 28

The Cornhill Magazine. Summer i 9 s t (John Murray. 25.

6d.) Tins is the first issue of the Cornhill for a number of years to appear without Mr. Peter

Qtwnnell's name on the title-page, but it

sho-ws no falling-off from the high standard whichlie established. Patrick Leigh Fermor contributes an interesting and well-written account of the Greek monasteries of the Meteora, illustrated with some impressive photographs by Joan Eyres-Monsell. Osbert Lancaster provides an amusing chapter of childhood reminiscence; and Elizabeth Bowen examines the charge that " contem- porary writing retreats from the present- day.:.. Our time, being part of all time, holdi Within it something essential which needs divining, perceiving." Miss Bowen might have given more weight to the posi- tive and genuine interest in historical studies which lias grown steadily during the present century there is more to it than can be explained by the negative emotions of nostalgia and escapism, though these may sometimes be involved. - An excellent number, but the temptation to turn the magazine into a " trailer " for good books to come will still, apparently, have to be guarded against.