7 SEPTEMBER 1951, Page 4

* * * * A diligent student of the Daily

Worker, I watch with interest (as I think I have said before) that journal's strenuous, and by no means unsuccessful, efforts to raise £3,750 a month from its readers towards its running expenses. The daily appeals get more and more urgent as the end of the month approaches, with a large gap still to be filled. At the end of July there was a shortage of £1,973, but the lists were kept open, at obvious cost to the August total, and closed on August 10th, with the gap reduced to £134. (in August 31st £1,982 was still needed, but that total is being gradually pulled down till it stood on September 5th at £749. When the September collection( will begin is not yet stated. Achievement may fall a little short of hopes, but month in, month out, it is rather a remarkable achieve- ment. I am told, by the way, that the parties of Young Communists who chartered air transport to the Berlin Rally had to put down £12,000 in advance. The money was produced.