7 SEPTEMBER 1951, Page 4

This is a difficult,time for religious weeklies, among others, and

I gather that the future of at least two is problematic. It is the usual story. A drop in circulation means a drop in advertisements—either in the number or the rates or both—and a fall in advertisements means an adverse balance-sheet in these days of perpetually rising costs. But by no means are all the religious weeklies in trouble. The Church Times, I believe, is doing extremely well ; so is the Methodist Recorder ; and there are others that have not much cause for anxiety. The Record, now embodied in the Church of England Newspaper, was, I think, the last casualty.- I hope, in spite of everything, the swimmers in difficulties will manage to keep afloat. Rather surprisingly, that many-sided character, Lord Riddell, had a con- siderable interest in the Chum* Family Newspaper (now the Church of England Newspaper) as well as in News of the World. To judge by its circulation the latter was the more popular organ.