7 SEPTEMBER 1951, Page 4

Worcester fight in 1651 wag a notable 'affair, but Worcester

fight in 1951 is by no means negligible either. The Roundheads, led by Mr. Isaac Foot, have had 'their field-day, but there is no lack of Royalists in Worcester, and one of them—an alderman, no less—has vowed that he will get the memorial plaque which Mr. Foot unveiled on Monday pulled down. And, as I write, the Bishop of Lichfield, Mr. Arthur Bryant, and others are celebra- ting at Boscobel Oak, where the future Charles II, having escaped from the. Worcester battle, spent some time up -a tree. Yes, but why, it may be asked, is May 29th Oak Apple day, when the oak episode actually happened at the beginning of September ? Because, so I am instructed, May 29th was Charles' birthday, and Parliament decided (no doubt for economy in celebration) to combine the commemoration of his escape with the commemo- ration of his birth. What a lot it all matters.