8 APRIL 1876, Page 1

Mr. Fawcett's motion for an address to the Crown, begging

the Queen not to assume the title of " Empress" of India, will not come off till after the Easter vacation. Mr. Disraeli had pro- posed to give him Monday next for the motion, on condition that the private Members who had motions on the papers for yesterday should withdraw in favour of the Government, but the private Members in question made some difficulty, and it also appeared that Monday would not be a very convenient day for the House, since the Members who live at a distance are trooping out of town for the Easter recess. lhat, perhaps, was one reason why Mr. Disraeli acceded so easily to the suggestion to give up a Government night, for he has since intimated that he recognises no obligation to find a night for Mr. Fawcett after the Easter recess. Something must depend, we suppose, on the political use made of Easter in the provinces. If there are enough cheers given for "the Queen," and enough groans for "the Empress" during that popular holiday, Mr. Disraeli will contrive to find a night for Mr. Fawcett. But if Mr. Disraeli's child, "the Residuum," don't care, Mr. Disraeli won't care, and will leave Mr. Fawcett to wait for a night till it is too late, and the proclamation has been issued, and the imperial diadem assumed.