8 APRIL 1876, Page 22

The Laws Relating to English and Foreign Funds, Shares, and

Securities. By William Boyle. (Effingham Wilson.)—This book will be found useful by the layman, but will be of no help to the lawyer, for it only touches on those plain cases where his professional knowledge will not be required by the public. But there can be no doubt that many commercial men will find it serviceable. It is written succinctly and clearly, though no attempt is made to systematise the rules and customs which govern this subject of stocks and shares, and they are only given shortly as they arise in detail. In some respects, it might have been made a handier work. Thus the following sentence, to take an instance, could clearly have been shortened, without in any way impairing the value of the book :— A party contracting to purchase stock, shares, or other securities, which turn out to be forgeries, so that the purchaser has never obtained that which he agreed to buy and the vendor to sell, is entitled to the return of his purchase-money, on the ground of there being a total failure of consideration." (p. 51.) Men don't usually pay when they have bought nothing. But still, as we have already said, the work will be found useful, though Mr. Boyle would have done well to publish a more concise and cheaper book, to accomplish the object he has in view,— namely, a hand-book for the general public.