8 APRIL 1876, Page 22

The Life and Times of Louisa, Queen of Prussia, with

an Introduc- tory Sketch of Pnissian History. By E. H. Hudson. Second Edition. (Hatchards.)—The first edition of this interesting work having been reviewed in our columns at the time of its publication, it is now only necessary to express our satisfaction with the second edition, which is more handy and attractive than the first. Miss Hudson's style is not graceful, and she is a little too ambitious in her excursions into Euro- pean history. For instance, her version of the Iise and progress of the French Revolution, which fills a considerable space in her volumes, is common-place, not at all accurate, and quite superfluous. But sle has done her work as a biographer very well, though. of course, nabob, ever was so perfect a being as her Queen Louisa, sml the picture wants the many-sidedness of reality. It is, however, full enough for its pur- pose. The facts of the Queen's life are interesting, and her character, at once noble, dutiful, and sweet, justifies the affection with which her memory is regarded by the Prussian people, and by the Emperor William, who celebrated on the 10th of last month the hundredth anniversary of his mother's birth. All the additions which Miss Hudson has made to her first edition are derived from authentic, unpublished papers, to which she has been given access by the Crown Prince of Germany.