8 APRIL 1876, Page 3

A terrible agrarian murder has occurred in Ireland. Mr. P.

S. Bridges, a land agent, who had been fired at a year and a half ago for an ejectment, was on Thursday week fired at again. He was drivingfrom Mitchelstown towards Cork, accompanied by two con- stables, when he received a regular volley, and his driver, a man named Hyland, was shot dead. He himself was wounded with slugs in the head and body. Mr. Bridges, who is agent for Mr. Buckley, an Englishman, had recently placed an increased rental on the farms, and expresses his resolution to adhere to his decision. The Coroner's jury which sat on Hyland seems to have thought that, as he was ntt aimed at, his death was "accidental," and said they "did not want tosaddle the crime on any one man." Accordingly, they brought in an open verdict of "Died from a gun-shot wound."