8 APRIL 1876, Page 3

Lieutenant Cameron, who performed the great feat of crolssing Africa

from Zanzibar to the Western Coast, which he reaChed only towards the end of last year, after a long disappearance in the centre of Africa, was entertained on Monday afternoon in the Liverpool Town Hall, where he gave some account of his journey. He is very confident that the river which drains Like Tanganyika is no other than the Congo, though he had not be able to trace it quite throughout its course ; but his most remark- able statement was this,—that the Congo and the Zambesi could be joined by a canal not more than thirty miles in length, so that in that way,—barring rapids,—water-communication could be established between the East and West coasts of that wide conti- nent. He spoke, too, of the riches of the interior as "unspeak- ably great," and thought that the highlands of the water-courses of Benguela on this side of Tanganyika, would be a great centre of African civilisation. Clearly the time may come when the Nile, the Congo, and the Zambesi will all be united by the artificial connection of their head waters.