8 APRIL 2006, Page 26

A cox’s job

From Judy Pearce

Sir: Frank Keating’s article (Sport, 1 April) is pure whimsy. As mother of last Sunday’s winning Oxford coxswain, I can vouch for this being the ultimate multi-tasking management job.

Not only does the cox have to steer his boat’s course up the Tideway with more care than a sailor navigating dangerous reefs, so important are the ebbs and flows of every stream and current; at the same time he has to motivate and inspire eight men almost twice his size to get that superhuman bit more from each of them so that the cumulative total makes the difference. This is what makes winners. Ambition, determination, and almost monastic dedication also play their part.

Is it surprising that leaders of industry and commerce now look at how sporting successes are won in order to try to transfer these skills to improving output and business success?

Judy Pearce

Upton Warren, Worcestershire