8 APRIL 2006, Page 71

Q. With the Easter holidays approaching, can you recommend any after-dinner games suitable for families and friends to play together?

C.B., Aldeburgh A. Why not play the Water Game? This is suitable for every age group. One of the party becomes Question Master, putting about two tablespoonfuls of water into a glass and standing up holding the glass in menacing fashion. He or she nominates a category, for example ‘vegetables’ or ‘corrupt Labour politicians’. Proceeding round the table in clockwise manner, each guest must shout out a name in the category. The tension mounts as each lap of the table is completed because it is only a matter of time before one of the guests gives the name of the vegetable or politician which the Question Master has already secretly scribbled on a piece of paper. When they do so the water is thrown in their face. The quantity of water makes little impact but the threat of having it in one’s face introduces an element of agreeable fear. The ‘winner’ then becomes the next Question Master.