8 AUGUST 1885, Page 1


pARMAMENT will not be prorogued till the middle of next week at earliest. The Irish Land Purchase Bill has got over its chief difficulties in the Commons, and will now probably be- come law. The Australian Federation Bill has passed through Committee, thanks to Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, who has really shown his zeal for those Australian Colonies which wish to con- federate themselves and his indifference to that Colony—New South Wales—which, from some childish pique, not only declines to join in the Confederation, but, like a very cross- grained dog in the manger, does its best to obstruct the confederation of the others. The Criminal Law Amend- ment Bill only awaits the judgment of the House of Lords on the Amendments passed by the Commons, and the Secretary for Scotland Bill is in the same condition. It is hoped that even the Housing of he Poor Bill will yet pass this Session. This shows that the Tory Government have been diligent in saving what measures they could from a Session fruitful only in the direction of Parliamentary reform, and that Irish obstruction has entirely disappeared, thanks to the affiance between Lord Randolph Churchill and Mr. Parnell.