8 AUGUST 1885, Page 24

Don Quixote. A Translation, with Introduction and Notes. By John

Ormsby. Vole. I. and II. (Smith and Elder.)—We have here the first and second volumes of a new translation of Don Quixote. They include the First Part of the great romance. The Second Part- is to follow in two more. So handsome a book as that which is now before us could not, in any case, be said to be superfluous. Don. Quixote has never been presented to the public in better form. Then there is a valuable Introduction, which, besides giving all that is known of the great humourist, does a discriminating justice to his masterpiece. To readers to whom, from what some one calls the "too-great shallowness of the human purse," these sumptuous volumes are not attainable, may be recommended the reprint of Charles Jarvis's translation (why not give him his right name of Jervas P) which has appeared in " Morley's Universal Library" (Routledge and Sons). To get the whole of Don Quixote for two shillings (publishing price) is a really notable thing.