8 AUGUST 1885, Page 24

The Chemistry of Cookery. By W. Mattien Williams. (Chatto and

Windas.)—This work, the author tells us, is based on a series of papers which appeared in Knowledge during the years 1883-84. It handles a most important subject, one which Mr. Williams justly remarks has been strangely neglected. A reader who wants to satisfy himself as to the value of the book and the novelty which its teaching,. familiar in one way as are the facts which it gives, possesses, need not go beyond the first chapter on "The Boiling of Water." But if he reads this he certainly will go farther, and will probably begin to- think how he can induce his cook to assimilate some of the valuable lessons which Mr. Williams gives. If he can succeed in that he will have done a very good day's work for his health and his purse. We must hold our judgment in suspense about some of Mr. Williams's views (though these are always forcibly urged and well worth considering) ; but about the economical value of his book there can be no doubt.