8 AUGUST 1885, Page 3

The Irish Master of the Rolls has granted the Munster

Bank's request that, on the giving of adequate security, its affairs should be wound-up by voluntary liquidation, the names mentioned as liqnidators being three directors,—Mr. Murphy, Mr. Reardon, and Mr. John Warren Paine ; and three others —Messrs. Hall and Murphy, both of Cork, and Mr. Pim, of Dublin. The Master of the Rolls commented on the very great unanimity among the creditors of the Bank, and held that as there appeared to be a margin over the liabilities even without resorting to calls,—or, if that were too favourable a view, as it appeared that the creditors would be fully paid in any case,—he did not think it would have been right to grant a compulsory winding-up, even if the applicant for such a winding. up had not withdrawn his application.