8 FEBRUARY 1851, Page 19


Tuesday, February 4.

PARTNERSHIPS DISS07.17121.-WhitS and Co. Gravesend-R. and S. Morton, Miserdine, Gloucestershire, farmers-Lawrence and Son, Tottenham Street, carpentersKeen and Watts jun. Old Paradise Row, Islington Green. leather-sellers-Hadfleld and Co. Manchester, merchants-Higginson and Cardwell, Manchester, aad card'. well and Co. Bombay, commission-merchants; as far as regards H. B. HigginsonRigby and Fisher, Upholland, Lancashire, coal-proprietors-Wall and Sons, Chatham, brewers-T. and J. Cullen, Liverpool, joiners-Carfile and Buckton, Leeds, dealers in tobacco-Smith and Monk, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, ironmongersMurfin and Richards, Market Bosworth, drapers-Green and Oliver, Upper Thames Street, china-dealers--Anderson and Yates, Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchantslit'Keclude and Co. Manchester, merchants-Light's Patent Life Boat, Buoy, Belt, and General Marine Buoyancy Company ; as far as regards C. Manby and H. G. Robinson-Barton and Fairhurst, Warrington, druggists-Grundy and Thomas, Manchester, fent-dealers-Merrick and Bishop, Hereford, ironmongers-Frost and., Tawell, Wood Street, lace-manufacturers-J. and G. Quarmby, llohufirth, painters -Keyes and Son, Ashingdon, Essex, farmers-M. and J. Wilson, Old Bond Street, tailors-Worwell and Mayor, Liverpool, ship-chandlers-Lloyd and Co. Manchester, gum-manufacturers-Offer and Co. Clevedon Somersetshire, hotelkeepersLaffin and Co. Princes Street, Hanover Square, tailors-Lancaster and Son, Glasgow, merchants ; as far as regards T. Lancaster-Misses Ingrain, Edinburgh, milliners-The Muirkirk Iron Company, Glasgow-The Lugar Iron Company, Glasgow -Dunlop and Co. Glasgow, iron-merchants-Miller and Caldwell, chemists. BANKRUPTCY ANNIILLED.-EDWAILD ARMYTAGE, Clifton Bridge, Halifax, cottonspinner.

BANKRUPTIL-WiLtrAm HOOD, Lawrence Lane, commission-agent, to surrender Feb. 14, March 18: solicitors, Pain and Ilatherly, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-RicsARD TREDiNxieR, Threadneedle Street, mining-agent, Feb. 15, March 29: solicitors, Sole and Turner, Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-ANDREW EVE, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, turner, Feb. 14, March 18: solicitor, Colombine, St. Martin's Lane ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-CHAUVIN WATT Southampton Street, Pentonville, baker, Feb. 12, March 18: solicitor, Tweed, Lincoln's Inn Fields; official assignee, Stanefeld, Basinghall Street.

DIVIDENDS.-Feld. 2.5, Carter, High Street, Southwark, bootmaker-Feb. 25, Harris, Friday Street, warehouseman-March 6, Potting,er and Oswald, Austinfriars, merchants-Feb. 25, Sharp, Duke Street, Tooley Street, tailor-Feb. 25, Spender, Herley Villas, Loughborough Park, Brixton, builder-Feb. 25, Tuck, New Cavendish Street, milliner-Feb. 26, Ireland and Co. Lancaster, merchants-Feb. 27, Hedge, Bath, silversmith-Feb. 26, W. and J. Pile, kionkwearmouth, ship-builders-Feb. 26, Aydon and Ferguson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocers-Feb. 26, Steele, Durham, grocer-Feb. 26, Cranston, Sunderland, confectioner.-Feb. 26, Hornsby and Mould, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, builders.

CERTIFICATE:A-To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on The day of meeting.-Feb. 25, Hedges, Chilton Follatt, Wiltshire, builder-Feb. 27, Brewster, Hand Court, Upper Thames Street, printer-Feb. 25, Jenks, King Street, Hammersmith, cheesemonger-Feb. 26, Byshe, Brighton, builder-Feb. 26, Rising, Frith Street, Soho, dealer in casts-Feb. 26, Smith, Canal Road, Kingsland, timber-merchant-Feb. 26, Stahlschmidt, Fenchurch Street, merchant-Feb. 26, Carter, High Street, Southwark, boottnaker-Feb. 28, Fielding, Manchester, provision-dealerFeb. 27, Chattam, Goole, innkeeper.

DFXLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Steele, Plough Road, Deptford, tar-manufacturer ; first div. of Is. 71d. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Turner, Eastbourne, draper ; first div. of 4s. 3d. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane-J. and J. Cowlishaw, Derby, railway-carriage-build ; first div. of Bs. 8d.•, a div. of 20s. on the separate estate of John Cowlishaw; and a div. of 2s. 8d. on the separate estate of James Cowlishaw, Feb. 15, or any subsequent alternate Saturday until Aug. 2; Bittleston, Nottingham-Bates, Tithby, Nottinghamshire, horse-dealer ; first div. of 101d. Feb. 15, or any subsequent alternate Saturday until Aug. 2; Bittleston, Nottingham-Pretty, Leicester, grocer ; first div. of 3s. Feb. 15, or any subsequent alternate Saturday until Aug. 2; Bittleston, Nottingham-Cook, Burton-upon-Trent, tape-manufacturer ; second and final div. of lid. Feb. 15, or any subsequent alternate Saturday until Aug. 2; Bittleston, Nottingham-W. and J. Pile, Monkweannouth, ship-builders ; first div. of 17s. 101d. on the separate estate of W. Pile, Feb. 8, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Fielding, Middleton, Lancashire, corn-dealer ; final div. of 6s. 61d. Feb. 4, and any subsequent Tuesday; Mackenzie, Manchester.

SCOTCH •SEritE5TRATioNs.-Jack and Co. Glasgow, stationers, Feb. 10, March 3Somerville, Longstone, innkeeper, Feb. 11, March 7-Rose, Banff, banker, Feb. 13, March lg-Pendrigh, Edinburgh, merchant, Feb. 10, March 10.