8 FEBRUARY 1851, Page 19

Two books are before us of the nature of reprints.

A new edition of Herbert Mayo's interesting "Letters on the Truths contained in Popular Superstitions," with some additional matter, consisting for the most part of extreme and startling cases of trance or clairvoyance, with an attempt to reach their rationale. The well.known "Year-Book of Facts," with its selection from various sources of the most useful or remarkable truths in connnexion with art and science furnished during the year 1850.

On the Truths contained in Popular Superstitions; with an Account of Mesmerism. By Herbert Mayo, M.D. Second edition.

The Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art; exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements of the past Year, &c. By John Timbs, Editor of the "The Arcane of Science and Art." Illustrated with Engravings.

The Forester; a Practical Treatise on the Planting, Rearing, and General Management of Forest Trees, with an Improved Process for Transplantation of Tiers of large size. By James Brown, Forester, Arniston. Second edition, enlarged.

The .Arcio Colony of Victoria, formerly Port Phi/lip; together with some .Account of' the other Australian Colonies. By John Fitzgerald Leslie Foster, Esq.

Specimens of Translation and Versification. By Joseph Hambleton.

NEW Smuts.

The Diplomatic Revelation a Monthly Political Journal. Edited by Henry Headley Parish, Esq. No. I. February 1861.

London Labour and the Poor. Parts I. and II.


The Pope and his Vicar Apologetic; or the Reverend Henry New land's Questions Answered. By One of "The Zealous Christians." The Catholic Question of 1851 Considered. By Carew O'Dwyer, Esq. Practical Suggestions for the Present Crisis, addressed to the Church of England, Priests and People. By a Layman.

Cautions for the Times. Addressed to the Parishioners of a Parish in England, by their former Rector. No. I. aml No. II.

Ecclesiastical Power anti "Church Principles," Considered in their Historical Development and Repression. By Henry Tremenheere, Esq., Barrister-at-law.

Two Addresses ; one to the Gentlemen of Whitby who signed the Requisition calling a meeting to Address the Queen on the late (socalled) Aggression of the Pope ; and the other to the Protestant Clergy. By the Catholic Priest of Ugthorp.

I'urning toward the East in Public Worship: is it Right, or Wrong ? A Dissertation or Discourse concerning a Judge of Controversies in

Matters of ; with a Preface concernino.' the Nature of Certainty and Infallibility. By William Sherlock. Edited by Robert Potts, M.A. No. I.

A Short Discourse concerning the Authority af the Church in Matters of Faith. By Ignotius. Edited by Robert Potts, M.A. No. U.

Thirty Plain bad Sound Reasons why Protestants differ from Popery, &e. By Ignotius. Revised and amended, with Notes, by Robert Potts, M.A. No. III.

Wickhefe's Wicket, 1546 ; with the Articles wherefore John Frith . died, and a Short Life of John Wickliffe. By Thomas James, Keeper of the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Edited. by Robert Potts, M.A. No. IV.

Funebre per Ugo Bassi, di Alessandro Gavazzi.

The Case of the Authors as regards the Paper-Duty. By Charles Knight. Second edition.

Speech of the Honourable Joseph Howe, Provincial Secretary of Nova Scotia, on the Importance and Value to Great Britain of her North American Colonies ; delivered at Southampton, on the 14thof January 1851.

Report on the Legislative Measures requisite to Facilitate thee Adoption of Commercial Contracts respecting the Occupation of Land in Ireland. By Robert Longfield, Esq.

A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Bedford, on the Prospects of Agriculture. By W. W. Whitmore, Esq.

Three Suggestions for the Investment of Capital. By George Preston White, Civil Engineer.

A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir Charles Wood, Bart., M.P., on the Assessed Taxes ; with Suggestions for a general Revision of the Duties. By an Officer of the Tax Department of the Board of Inland Revenue.

Religion and Science ; their Independence of each other, and their Mutual Relations. By a Physician.