8 FEBRUARY 1851, Page 9


It is announced upon the orthodox authority of the Tablet, says the Dublin correspondent of the Times, that the performances enacted with such marked success by the father of the Synod at Thurles are about to be reproduced for the edification of an English audience. Arrangements, it seems, are being made for the immediate filling up of the vacant sees on the Othm side of St. George's Channel, as it is understood that in the early part of the summer "a full Provincial Synod will be held," and that "a uniform discipline will be published for the government of the whole province." The Cork 'Examiner has this "symptomatic announcement"—" We have been given to understand that official instructions have been received by parties in this city to institute inquiries as to the exact number of the Friars belonging to different religious orders established in Cork. It is presumed, whether justly or not it is impossible to say, that these inquiries—which have also been commenced in other places— are with a view to some hostile movement on the part of the Government." The Carlow Sentinel states that "the Government have issued an order to the Clerks of the Peace in Ireland to make a return of all Jesuits and monks registered since 1st January 1850." The Sentinel thinks the order very ludicrous, as the law requiring registration was 44 never obeyed, but has lain in abeyance since 1829."

A Royal Commission of inquiry, similar to those issued for the English Universities, has been determined on by Government for the University of Dublin.

The Limeriek agroniele states that "Government intend to bring forford a general municipal bill for Ireland, assimilating the Corporations to the form in Dublin, thereby concentrating all local boards in the municipal body.

A new morning paper, called the Daily Express, made its appearance in Dublin on Monday. Its principles are Protestant and Conservative, but it exhibits a strong tendency to support Irish interests on national principles.

Two hundred pounds have been subscribed in Limerick to the fund for enabling Mr. John O'Connell to retain his seat in Parliament and fulfil his representative duties in London.