8 JULY 1843, Page 1

The Foreign news of the week presents no marked incidents.

In Spain, the tide of insurrection has so spread abroad that the dry lands are few—the capital, ESPARTERO'S camp, some places of which the garrisons are faithful—little more. The disposition of the people, however, is by no means proved to be against him ; and if he should succeeell in battle with some of the military rebels, the whole strength of the insurrection may be swept away. Valencia is his first point of attack, and all eyes are turned upon it. He is immediately opposed by the Christino traitor NARVABZ, backed by his own dismissed Minister, SERRANO; the Barcelona Junta having pretended to reappoint the LOPEZ Cabinet, as yet represented in his single person. Louis PHILIPPE'S alleged decrepitude is the great on dit in France. The Ministerial papers deny it as angrily as if there were some ground for the imputation.

The overland mail from India brings nothing but rumours, and -speculations, and small gossip.