8 JULY 1843, Page 20



On the Wd Jane, at Edinburgh. the Lady CABHERTNE PARKER, of a daughter. On the 25th, in Rutland Street, Edinburgh. the Lady of CoLIN G. Caul:meta., Esq., yonnger of Stonefield, of a son.

On the 28th, at the Vicarage, Starry, the Lady of the Rev. Joint LEverr Bermerr, of a daughter.

On the 28th, at Kinwarton Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. R. SEVMOIIR. of a son.

On the 30th, at Chantey. Staffordshire. the seat of his brother, Earl Ferrets, the Lady of the Hon. Herm HANBURy TRACy, or a son.

On the 1st July, in Oxford Square. the VIre of JONATHAN PEEL, Esq., Barrister-atLaw, of a daughter.

On the 1st, at Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir NEIMAN MACDONALD LOCKHART. Bart., of a daughter.

On the 1st, in Hertford Street, the Pion. Mrs. Scow, of a daughter. On the 3d, at Grove-End Road, St. John's Wood, the Huu. Mrs. Cesium LENNox BUTLER, of a son.

On the 3d, in Eaton Place, the Wife of T. W. Briams-rox, Esq.. M.P.. of a daughter. On the 4th. at The Nash, the Lady of McBee° TEMPLE, Esq., of a son.

On the 5th, at Roeltampton, the Hon. Mn, LESLIE IdELVELLE, of a daughter.


On the 27th June, at Wisbech, HENRY GOODE ELBORNE, Esq.. B.A., of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, la E,iva, eldest daughter of the Rev. Roemer JARRuLD M.A.. Vicar of West Brandeham, Norfolk, and Curate of Wisbech.

On the 29th, at the British Ambassador's Palace, Paris, Turmas J. Warm Esq., of Bilbar, son of Richard White, Esq , of Oakly Park, Ludlow, to Miss LILLY AUGUSTA MACKELLAB, daughter of Vice Admiral Mackellar. On the 29lit, at Clifton, W. S. Tnouss. Commander. R.N.. elde.t son of the Ron. Sir George Thomas, Bart., to Tnonssure OLIVER, only daughter of the late Captain Harare Havant. R.N.

On the 29th, at Goaray Church. in the island of Jersey. ADOLFYIUS TURNER, Esq., second son of the late General Sir Hilgrove Turner, to ELIzA, second daughter of EDMONO AGYXANDER M•NEILL, of Cushiuduo, in the county of Antrim, Esq.

On the tat July, at St. George's. Hanover Square. WILLIAM FREDERic, eldest Boa of Sir &most. Hamm, Equerry to her Royal Highness the Dutchess of Gloucester, to Aamarra, eldest daughter of FRED. THEEIGER, Esq.. M.P.. one of her Majesty's Counsel. On theist. PHILIP PERcEyAL, Esq., of the Royal Boise Guards, eldest son of Colonel Perceval, of Temple House, county of Sligo, to FREDERICA PENELopE, youngest daughter of Colonel Heart flaitme. of Relea.tle, Ross-shire.

On the 4th, the Rev. Atendows WALBAUM, Minister of the Lutheran Church, Trinity Lane, City, to Csawyrrir AUGUSTA. eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Korea.

On the 4th, at St. George's. Hanover Square, Captain Anemic, of the Sixteenth Regiment, eldest son of Edward Jodrell, Esq., of Burghfleld Lodge, Becks, to Alma Meemertor, third daughter of Sir EDWARD Boweea Sawa, Bart., of Hill Hall, Essex.

On the 4th. at Earls Croome Church, Worcestershire, the Hon. and Rev. WH.LiAm Werrworera CHETWYND TALBor, son of Earl Talbot, to ELEA/forte JULIA, eldest daughter of the Hon. Wittiest COVENTRY, of EarJs Croome Court. Worcester.

On the 5th, at St. George's, Hauover Squre, the Rev. EDWARD Jolla Rvaraot.re, eldest son of the Rev. T. Randolph, of Hadham, Herta, to CATHERINE, second daughter of Sir GEotioE Rica.

On the 5th. at Norton Fitzwarren. the Rev. R. T. Lows, M.A.. British Chaplain at Madeira. to CATHERTNE MARIA, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. Gamow, Rector of Norton Fitzwarren. Somerset.

On the 5th, at All Souls Church. Marylebone, Femme Merman Alsosoasr. Es(1-• to MART ANNE, only daughter of the late CHARLEE ()ADORNS BusliaAN. Esq.

DEATHS. On the 19th Jane, at Gray's Street, Newiagtou, Edinburgh, Lt. Gen. MARK NAVIES. On the 26th, at Gloucester, Major-General Sir Liars KYRLE MoNEY, Bart., of Much Marcie, Herefordshire; in his 63.11 year. On the 30th, at Peumark Vicarage. Glamorgan...hire, the Rev. Some ROBERT CAUSED. Rector of St. Athaw, in the same county, and only sou of the Rev. John Thomas Can. herd, D.C., and Prebeutlary of Bath nod Wells, awl of Llundalf.

On the 1st July, in Be minuet Street, of lock-jaw, occairioued by a wound in the finger, after a few days of great suffe.ing, BENIAmIN DE LA Cong., E:q. ; in his 49th year. On the 3d. Lieut.-Colonel Faweerr, C. II.. Fifty firth Regiment ; in his 35th year.

On the 4th. at Brighton, the Lady GEORGIANA ELIZABETH Haitians/4e, eldest daughter of the Earl or BRADRIRD ; in her 18th year.

On the 5th, at his residence in George Street, Hanover Square, the Rev Gecume Accounts, of Somerlev Hall, Suffolk; in his 83th year. On the 6th. Mrs. PRANKS. late of Dorking; in her 8011 year.