8 JULY 1843, Page 20


WAR•OpricE„ July 4.-Rrevet-To he Lieut.-Cols. in the Army-Major J. Poole, 230 Foot ; Major Philip M•Pherson. 17th Foot. To be Mah.re it, the Army-Capt. F. D. George, 22d Foot ; Capt. T. S. Conway, 234 Foot. To be Aid-de.Camp to the Queen. with the rank of Colonel in the Army in the East Indies-Lieut, Col. W. Pattie. 9th Regt. of Bengal Cavalry. To be Lieut.-Cols. in the Army, in the East Indies-Major A. T. Reid. 12th Regt. Bombay Native Infantry; Major C. Waddington. Bombay Engineers; Major M. Stack, 3d Bombay Cavalry ; Major W. Wyllie. 21st Bombay Native Infantry; Major W..1. Browne, 8th Bombay Native Infantry; Major. P. F. Storey. 911, Bengal Cavalry; Major A. Woodbine. 25th Bombay Native Infantry ; Major .1. Lloyd. Bombay Artillery;

Ma-or J. Outram, 234 Bombay Native lufitntry; Major J. T. Leslie, Bombay Artillery. Ti' be Majors in the Army in the East ladies-Capt. C. H. Delineate, 3d Bombay, Cavalry ; Capt. H. F. Willoughby. Bombay Artillery; Capt. W. T. Whittle. Bombay Artillery ; Capt. G. Fisher. 12th Bombay Native Infantry; Capt. F. N. B. Tucker, 24 Bombay European Infantry; Capt. J. Jackson. 25th Bombay Native Infantry ; Capt. A. Tucker. 9th Henget Carawy; Capt. S. J. Stevens. 21st Bombay Native Infantry;

Capt. E. Green, 21st Bombay Native Infantry; Capt. W. B. G. Bleakins, 6th Bombay Native Infantry.

WAR•officE. July 7.—lit Regt. Life GuardsCornet and Sub-Lieut. H. Marquis of Worct•Ster tube Lieut. by purchase, vice Sir W. W. Wpm, Bart, who retires; H. D.

Street field. Gent, lobs Cornet and Sub Lieut. by purchase. vice the Marquis of Wor cester. etli Regt Light Drags.Lunt .1. De Burgh Broome to be Cornet by purchase, vice Carew, promoted in the 18th Light Orags. 12th Regt. Light Drogs.-Lieut. W. 11. Tottenham to be Capt. by purchase, vice Childe, who retire:: Cornet C. Sutton to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Totteultam; Cornet J. De M. M. l'riur, from the 15th Light Drage. to be Cornet, vice Sutton. 15th Regt. Light Drags. -Lieut. R. F. Poore, from the 4th Light Drags. to 'ac Capt. without purchase. vice Gillespie. dec.; Ensign

J. De M. M. Prior, from the 36th Foot. to be Cornet, without purchase, vice llill, promoted; J. B. Miller. Gent. to be Cornet, by putchase, vice Prior. appointed to the PIM

Light Drags. 16th Regt. Light Dmgs.-Conet J. H. Carew. from the 9 h Light Drags.

to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Inure, who retires. 28th Foot-Capt. W. G. M•Murdch, from half pay uuattached, to be Capt. vice G, Watdell, who exchauges. 35th Foot

Ensigu W. T. Harris to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Gordon. who retires; E. P. Burroughes, Gent, to be Eusign, by purchase, lice Harris. 36th FootGent. Cadet R. Barnston, from the Freya' Mil. Coll. to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Prior, appointed to the 15th Light Drags. 44th Fost-Gent. Cadet W. Taussett, from the Royal Mill. Coll. to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Chapman. who resigns. 51st Foot-Capt. T. Butler, from half-pay 4th Drag. Guards, to be Capt. vice R. Daly, who retires upon half pay, has lug beeu appoiuted Capt. of Gent. Cadets at the Royal Mil.

Coil.; Lieut. F. Carey to be Capt. by purchase, vice Butler. who retires; Eusigu E. Stansfield to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Carey; S. A. Madden. Gout, to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Stansfield. 534 Foot-Ensign C. H. Dowker to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Glover, who retires; E. A. Noel, Gent, to be Eufign, by purchase. vice Dowker. Rifle Brigade-Hon. G. Elliot to he Sec. Lieut. by purchase, vice Wakes who retires. hat West India Regt.-Ensign G. H. Cox to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Page. who retires; W. Turubull, Geut. to be Ensigu, by purchase. vice Cox. Cuattached-To be Capts. without purchase-Lieut. J. P. Berry, from the Royal Newfoundland Companies. Lieut. J. J. Dwyer, from the Ceylon WSW Regt. Lieut. W. M. G. 14•Murdo, from the 224 Foot,

Brevet-Capt.T. Butler. 511st Foot, to be Major in the Army.