8 JULY 1843, Page 5

Many Royal persons have been suffering from illness. The King

of Hanover's accident has already been mentioned. The Queen Dowager's health causes some anxiety as her Majesty has a troublesome cough ; but it appears to have taken a favourable turn. Prince Albert and the Queen of the Belgians have had an attack of influenza. Visits, have passed between the Dutchess of Kent, the Queen Dowager, the Dutchess of Gloucester, the Dutchess of Cambridge, and Prince George. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge were present at a fête given by Lord Ravensworth at Fulham, on Wednesday ; and afterwards they dined with the Earl and Countess of Brownlow. Yesterday evening, the Duke and Dutchess honoured the Russian Minister and Baroness Branow with their company. At the Italian Opera, on Saturday, there were present the Dutchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, Prince George, the Prince and Princess of Oldenburg.