8 JULY 1843, Page 5

The Queen gave audiences, on Sunday, to Sir Robert Peel

; on Tuesday, to Le Comte de Bjornstjerna, Swedish Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary ; on Wednesday, to the Sheriffs of London, when her Majesty appointed one o'clock this day for receiving an address of congratulation from the Corporation on her recovery. The Queen has this week had dinner parties on rather a larger scale than ordinary. Prince Reuss Lobenstein, Lord and Lady Lyndhurst, Sir James and Lady Graham, Lord and Lady Ashburton, and several Foreign Ministers, have been among the guests. Her Majesty gave evening-parties on Monday, Wednesday, and yesterday ; when concerts were performed.

The Queen and the Prince went to the Italian Opera, on Tuesday, with the King and Queen of the Belgians.

Prince Albert visited the Dutchess of Kent on Saturday. The King and Queen of the Belgians visited the Dutchess of Kent on Saturday. The Queen was visited on Tuesday by the Dutchess of Kent and the Dutchess of Cambridge. Yesterday, the King and Queen visited the Dutchess of Kent.