8 JULY 1843, Page 6

There has been no renewed disturbance in South Wales, except

the destruction of toll-gates, which continues without intermission. The followers of Rebecca do not abate a jot of their obstinacy. Pont Newydd gate has been reerected and destroyed three times. It was built up for the last time on Friday ; when the mob pulled it down, razed the toll-house, and threw every stone of the building and the furniture into the river Towy. The New Inn gate, on the Llandilo road, was destroyed while the Magistrates were holding Quarter-sessions within a quarter of a mile. A gate within the town of Narbeth was destroyed in the presence of the inhabitants ; yet not a single rioter was captured. Such is the condition of the place although soldiers, foot or horse or both, are stationed at all the principal towns.

Frances Evans, a servant-girl, has been committed for trial as a leader in the attack on Carmarthen Workhouse, of which she was once a dissatisfied inmate.

Mr. Maule, Solicitor to the Treasury, had arrived to institute an inquiry. The reporter of the Times, who imputes much of the agitation to the oppressive working of the Poor-law, says that sheer poverty will be found at the bottom.

Colonel Trevor, Vice-Lieutenant of Carmarthenshire, has written a letter to the papers, in which he says

" The account given of the attack on the Workhouse here (Carmarthen) is greatly exaggerated, both as regards the numbers of those who came into the town, and also in almost in every other particular. It is true that many turnpike-gates have been destroyed in different parts of Carmarthenshire ; but otherwise we are in a state of perfect quiet, which I have every hope to see continue uninterrupted by any other sort of disorder."