8 JULY 1843, Page 6

Zbe Ilrobtnces.

Mr. Cobden made a successful call upon the county of Surrey on Saturday. The meeting was summoned for the Town-hall in Guildford ; and at three o'clock Mr. Ross Mangles, M.P., was called to the chair. He said that he should be an impartial Chairman, since he differed from both sides, and recommended a middle course. In compliance with the wish of a considerable majority, he adjourned the meeting to the Barrack-field, where three waggons served for hustings. Among those present were Mr. Berkeley, M.P., Mr. Trotter, M.P. for West Surrey, Mr. Weale, the Mayor of Guildford, Mr. C. Mangles, and other gentlemen of the place. Several carriages surrounded the crowd, which numbered about 2,000 persons. Mr. Cobden addressed the meeting at much length; replying with his usual readiness to the comments and remarks with which he was at times interrupted. Mr. Soper, a retired solicitor, contended that repeal of the Corn-laws would ruin the English farmer. Mr. M'Dowell and Mr. R. R. R. Moore supported Mr. Cobden. Captain Best moved, and Mr. R. Austen seconded a resolution against protection of one class at the expense of another. Mr. J. Capon moved a long amendment, condemning the Anti-Corn law League ; but he could not obtain a seconder; and the original motion was carried by about three to one. In the course of his speech, Mr. Cobden alluded to his reception in several agricultural counties : some one called out, " How about Huntingdon ? " on which Mr. Cobden said that he was not there ; but he meant to go.