8 JULY 1843, Page 7

Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of hommopathy, died at Paris on Ewaday, aged eighty-eight. The Commerce sketches his life

" Dr. Hahnemann was born in 1755, at Meissen, of poor parents ; and owed his education to the great aptitude for learning he gave evidence of at the little school where he was first placed. He was received doctor in physic at Heidelberg in 1781, and discovered in 1790 the new system which he afterwards designated homeopathy. He continued until 1820 his experiments and researches on his new system, and then published the results of his labours, under the title of Hoare Medicak Pure. in 1829 he published his 77tiot7 of Chronic Diseases, and their Remedies; of which he gave a second edition in 1840. To those works must be added his Organon de l'Art de Guerir, which ran through five editions. He also published nearly 200 dissertations on different medical subjects; and he did all this whilst occupied with patients, which took up from ten to twelve hours a day. Ile bad the satisfaction of seeing his system, after half a century's existence, spread over every part of the globe ; and just before his death he learned that homeopathy was about to have a chair at the University of 'Vienna, and hospitals in all the Austrian States, at Berlin, and at London."