8 JULY 1843, Page 7


The public celebration of the Queen's birth-day, on Thursday, was marked by the usual rejoicings. The bells were rung, and flags were hoisted wherever flags are commonly hoisted. The Ministers and Officers of State gave full-dress dinner-parties. The Duke of Wellington's evening-party was the most notable : about a thousand tickets of invitation were issued, without the slightest distinction of party ; the guests are calculated at 1,200; among them were the Dutchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, Prince Reuss Lobenstein, Prince Lobanoff de Rostoff, several Foreign Ministers ; and among the host of nobles may be mentioned Lord John Russell and Lord Morpeth. Further, Royal tradesmen dined together ; and at night the Clubhouses, the Theatres, Pall-Mall, St. James's, Bond Street, Regent Street, and other streets East and West, blazed with illuminations, in devices familiar to the sightseer.

Witley Court, in Worcestershire, is said to be engaged by the Queen Dowager for a country residence. Worcester tradespeople have been employed to make the needful alterations. Her Majesty is expected to arrive at the end of the month.

The Duke of Wellington gave a grand entertainment to some of the Royal Family, at Apsley House, on Saturday. The Dutchess of Gloucester, the Crown Prince of Wurtemberg, Prince George of Cambridge, and several other distinguished persons, were present. The King of Hanover was kept away by indisposition.

The reports of Lord Grey's health represent it as improving: he is now able to leave his bed-room, and to sit up for a considerable part of the day.