8 JULY 1843, Page 9


Calcutta, 12th May 1843.

The Stephen Rowan, Crawford, sailed from Calcutta in July last, aud has not since been heard of. The Resolution, Wood, bound for Arracan, ran aground in the Hoogly, and filled; but was got off, after discharging her cargo in a damaged state. The Marquis of Hastings, Da Silva, from Calcutta to China; and the Weraff. Hunt. to Maoritins, have put back, leaky. The Pathfiuder, Metcalf, from Calcutta to London, is on St. James's and Mary's Lump.

ARRIVED-At Gravesend. 6th July. Emma Eugenia, Kettlewell, from Batavia. At Portsmouth. 1st July, Java, Parsons, from the Cape. Off Plymouth, 5th July, Prince Regent, Barclay, from Singapore. At Falmouth, 30th June, Alexander Baring. Hale, from China. At Liverpool, 1st July. Elizabeth and Jane, Lea, from Calcutta; and William Perrie, Irving. from Bombay ; 2d. Competitor. Pritchard, from Calcutta. Al Bombay, previous to 20th May, Diana, Strickland, from London; Ward, Chipman; and Argyleshire, McNeil. from Liverpool; Briton, Robertson; and Thomas Arbuthnot, Smith, from the Clyde. At Colombo, 29th April, Sanderson, Bushby, from Liverpool. At Galle, 1st March, Maria Sophia, Thomson. from Newcastle. Al Madras, 9th May, Orpheus, Dipby; and Stag. Young, from London. At Bengal, previous to 12th May, Zenobia, Owen, from London; Aihens, Bacon ; Bland, Callan; Geutoo. Cubit; and Woodstock. Nicholson, from Liverpool ; George, Feuwick, from Leith ; and Mary Sophia, Thompson, from Shields. Off Calcutta. 12th May, Bidston. Harmer. from Liverpool. At China, March. George the Fourth. Parsons. from Portsmouth; Ager, from Liverpool ; and William Hyde, Stewart, from Cork. SAILED-From Gravesend, 4th Julv, Foam, Greig, for China, From Liverpool, 9th July, John Dalton, Denton; Emperor, Keane; and John &Gaunt, Robertson, for China; 5th, Adrian. Dodd ; and John Bartlett, Bartlett. for Calcutta. From Greenock, 28th June, Orissa, Smith, for China; 1st July, Aberfoyle, NPAlpin, fur Bombay; and. 24, Sultan, Muir. for Singapore. SATURDAY hILOINIKO. ARRIVED-At Mauritius, 6th April, Gazelle, Lamzed, from London.