8 JULY 1843, Page 9

The Spanish news is gloomy. Espartero was strengthening himself at

Albacete on the 29th; having taken the small but strong castle of Chinchilla : another fort necessary to be reduced before leaving it in his rear, Las Penes de San Pedro, resisted. Narvaez marched to relieve Teruel. Bilboa " pronounced " on the 4th. A flotilla at St. Sebastian deserted. Madrid was tranquil on the 1st. The only other important /owns faithful to the Regent were-Badajoz, Cadiz, Ferral, and Saragossa.

A Paris correspondent of the Espectador details the plans of Christina: she was to repair to Pampeluna : she was to appoint Zea Bermudez and others as her Ministers ; Espartero and his adherents were to be tried ; and Louis Philippe had offered her 13,000,000 reels, an army of observation, or (if necessary ) of occupation, and the Due d'Auma le as .a husband for Isabella the Second.