8 MAY 1886, Page 2

The Federated Caucuses have pronounced for Mr. Gladstone. A special

meeting of the National Liberal Federation was held in Westminster on Wednesday, to consider Home-rule, and was attended by 600 delegates. The officers of the Federation offered a resolution expressing confidence in Mr. Gladstone, but endorsing Mr. Chamberlain's scheme ; but the meeting, led by Mr. J. E. Ellis (M.P. for Rusholiffe,in Nottinghamshire), revolted, and by a majority, said to be 576 to 26, but certainly above four-fifths, carried an amendment endorsing "the principle" of Mr. Glad- stone's plan. Mr. Ellis even ventured to sneer at Birmingham, saying "the Federation had nothing to do with the special

difficulties of a town in Warwickshire," which must have sounded to Mr. Jesse Collings like a blasphemy. The vote has naturally greatly encouraged the Government ; but it has irritated Birmingham, and will help to make reunion between Mr. Chamberlain and the Cabinet impossible. No evidence was wanted to prove that Radical Committees would, in the event of a party split, adhere to their original leader; the point in 'dispute is whether they will carry their followers with them. Is the Caucus, in other words, a representative body of Radicals, or is it the quintessential extract of Radicalism P We think the latter.