8 NOVEMBER 1913, Page 38

Have you a BOOKPLATE?

I design and engrave Bookplates to in-corporate any desired feature, each design being original work, specially drawn for each plate. Book lovers invariably wish their Bookplates to possess some personal interest, such as their Arms or Crest, a corner of a study or garden, a view, favourite flowers, etc., so that the particulars sent to me vary considerably. Sometimes it is only necessary to refer to arms which can be easily turned up in the usual books on the subject, in other cases photographs (snap shots frequently) are sent so that the detail of a favourite scene or nook may be accurately included in the design. On this material I prepare a pencil sketch showing a suggestive treatment, which I submit for approval before engraving the plate. The cost varies, of course, according to the amount of work involved, and the method of engraving, ranging from 17s. 6d. for design, plate and 100 proofs complete in the case of a simple design, to several guineas for the best work on copper plate; but in all cases I feel sure my prices aro much lower than are usually charged for equally good work. This is because I specialise in Bookplates and have a staff of capable artists and engravers, well versed in the art, to assist me.

On request I will send specimens free to any address at home or abroad. It generally takes about three weeks to complete the design, plates and 100 proofs, but as Bookplates are increasingly recognized as most suitable gifts, it is sometimes necessary to complete in less time: I do this whenever possible. HENRY G. WARD,

49 Great Portland St., London, W.

Subscriptions only received by Go tiDON AND GOTCH, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, West Australia; PRICTOR AND COMPANY, Dunedin; SIMPSON AND WILLIAMS, Christchurch ; H. BAILLIE AND COMPANY, Wellington, N.Z. ; R. SPREC/CLEY, Auckland; and C. W. RIGBY, Adelaide.