8 NOVEMBER 2003, Page 40

Impossible universe

From Julius Wroblewski

Sir: Many creationists and evolutionists see the debate about Darwinism as a battleground over the existence or non-existence of God (The mystery of the missing links', 25 October). Since an all-powerful creator could sow life on Earth any damn way He chooses, human judgments on which model seems more divine are worthless.

Frankly, religious intellectuals should look to cosmology for evidence of a creation, and possibly a creator. We are told that all evidence points to the universe originating from a Big Bang, an explosive expansion of an unimaginably dense point of energy. The trouble is, nature is ruled by the Law of Entropy, which states that energy cannot 'run uphill' to form such a singularity in the first place. By the laws of nature as we know them, the universe isn't possible. Now physicists create braincrunching theoretical models to explain the discrepancy, which unfortunately aren't really testable or falsifiable at present. The door is still open for the mystics.

J. Wroblewski

Vancouver, Canada