8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 14

Ionian Rffairs.

Our domestic news leaves us this week but small space for discussions on the politics of other states; and, fortunately, we have little to discuss.

The cause of Poland may be looked on as given up. ROMA-. RING and his troops have retreated into Austria, preferring exile to bondage. • RYBINSKI is said to have fallen a victim to the troops he commanded. The title of WARSAWSKI has been conferred on PASKEWITSCH, in addition to his former title of ERIVANSKI, more honourably acquired. He acknowledges the loss of five thousand men in the capture of Warsaw.

The insurgents in Hungary are still in arms ; but with these insane exploits no mortal can sympathize. The doctor has hitherto been accounted sacred everywhere ; even Jack Cade did not hang him—he limited his anger to the schoolmaster and the lawyer.

The peasantry of Neufchatel have submitted to the troops of the Diet.

A fresh armistice has been agreed on between Holland and Belglum; but the seeds of difference seem to ripen, rather than decay.

Unfortunately for the pacification of the two countries, the claims of the one are not only incompatible with those of the other, but both are equally founded on the protocols of the Powers that are to decide between them.

The capital of France is peaceful. Louts PHILIP removed to the Tuileries on Monday. The Ministers promise a new

corn-law : they have been 'defeated on a local question con nected with the trade in corn, but it does not appear that their real influence has been in consequence affected. The Reform of the Peerage continues to agitate the popular Chamber; not so much, however, if we may credit the private letters, as does the Reform of our Commons ; the fate of "the Bill" is looked forward to with nearly as much interest there as here.

The attention of the public has been again drawn to the atrocities of Don MIGUEL, by a Parliamentary paper, detailing the cases of Sir 3'. M. DOYLE and Mr. YOUNG. It is hardly necessary to go so far back.

The cholera still continues in Vienna and Berlin; but in Vienna it does not increase.