8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 15

DORSETSHTRE ELECTION.—The event of this election shows that the previous

calculations of the number or of the integrity of the Reformers of Dorsetshire have proceeded on wrong data. Lord Ashley not only has been supported, but in a manner which Mr. Bankes could not boast of. We do not pretend to devise the reasons of this unanticipated success. The Tories of course attribute it to " reaction,"—a convenient word, which will explain any effect. We suspect there has been more action than reaction—that Lord Ashley's purse has done more for him than the Dorsetshire men's principles. If the men who vote for him voted for Mr. Calcraft, they are a very despicable set of persons ; but we would rather incline to think that they are not the same. The state of Tory feeling in the county had been miscalculated. The progress of the poll has been as follows : Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday.

Ponsonhy. . 1,999 1,308 1,472 1,567 1,634 Ashley.... 1,125 1,336 1,473 1,566 1,621 Thus Mr. Ponsonby has at present a majority of 13.

Fon.v.trt ELEcriox.—Colonel Ogilvy has carried his election by a majority of two ; so much for Scotch consistency. Some of the votes are said to be bad ; some of the voters are bad, beyond all question. The numbers were—for Ogilvie 46, for Halyburton 44.